If you’re like me, you have a faux real job, such as a server, bartender or a barista. Not to say those aren’t real jobs, but let’s face it, monkeys could do our jobs, and probably with less attitude too. In our ‘desired’ vocations, we don’t get out to see shows all that often, considering a lot of shows fall of Fridays, Saturdays or the random weekdays we happen to work. However, tonight is a different case, Nietzsche’s has put together a show just for us (not really, but it’s nice to think so).

Nietzsche’s will be hosting a plethora of talent this evening, most notably harmonium toating Brooklynite, Shilpa Ray, who, sans her Happy Hookers, will be bringing her own brand screaming indie roots rock to Allentown. Also on the bill will the Buffalo’s indie slacker rockers, Difficult Nights, The Coy Wolves and Nietzsche’s regular Pam Swarts. 7 bucks at the door, show starts at 8pm.