Buzz Records signees Weaves have released their much anticipated debut album. The Toronto-based indie group’s self-titled effort is an energetic amalgam of noises. It’s a delightful smorgasbord, where you’ll find elements of pop, rock, funk, punk, and indie.

The contrasting styles compliment each other well, as Weaves has a penchant for capitalizing on the clash of genres. They turn the weird and the wild into really catchy and melodic rockers. The fuzzy, math-rock esque guitar riffs are a standout, as well as Jasmyn Burke’s irresistibly dynamic vocals. She sings with a carefree attitude, while at the same time possessing a heavy urgency in her voice. Her back and forth melodies are the captain of the ship, giving the record direction, while seemingly being directionless. The whole thing feels like it could fall apart at any moment, but it never does, and that’s what gives it its charm.

Lead track “Tick” kicks the record off in frenetic fashion, immediately launching into an upbeat groove and buzzing guitar that takes you off your feet. “Two Oceans” slows it down ever so slightly, while Burke improvises a bizarre but still coherent strand of lyrics. They dabble with whimsy on the danceable “Coo Coo,” and enter White Denim style garage prog-rock territory on “Human.”

Weaves turns an eclectic mix of sounds into a tight and cohesive record of infectious pop-rock tunes. Their self-titled debut is an excellent primer for their eccentric style. It’s an interesting and enjoyable ride, one that should be just the beginning for the Canadian quartet.