Sure, the four-song Bit may have come out in July… But what really matters is that West Ferry is back, and they’re ready to hit the ground running now. This emoish/pop-punkish quartet is touting a fresh new lineup and a batch of songs that were recorded by Paul Besch at Quiet Country Audio. There’s certainly a drunk, sad-boy rock approach here (their terms, not ours), but there’s also a surfy, 00’s garage-rock tinge to their songs. It’s an interesting juxtaposition – one that’s certainly worth 15 minutes of your time.

“Weed Rage” encapsulates the prototypical twenty-something rage, in this case, induced by a weed coma. Despite the marijuana haze, it’s a surprisingly upbeat guitar-driven number about almost getting in a fight, but bailing at just the right time. Title-track “Bit” is also an EP highlight; again, West Ferry utilizes bright, major chords, complimentary lead guitar riffs, and some bass solo theatrics to get their point across. If you haven’t noticed a theme yet (and if their Frizzy’s promos and urinal album art didn’t give it away), this EP is mostly about four dudes who like going to the bar and getting shit-faced… At least we know these songs are coming from a place of sincerity.

The latter half of the EP finds West Ferry experimenting with their sound just a bit. “Red Light” is where singer Shawn McDonell explores his vocal delivery the most, adding some extra character to his melancholy, yet relatable lyrics. EP closer “Sight Unseen” employs a janky, but ear-catching rhythm to end things off on their most angular note – keep your ears peeled for some really cool drumming on this one.

All in all, these four songs come and go before you know it, just like a drunken night out. If you’re into it, Bit is available on Bandcamp for a very-affordable “pay what you want” rate. Check it out here.