Modern-day Frank Zappa, Yazan, takes his talents to Buffalo favorite, Electric Avenue, tonight for the latest stop on his very first kick-ass, cross-country tour.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Yazan is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who specializes in an exceptional mixture of blues, folk and psychedelic grooves. Riding high off the release of his new album, Hahaha, he’ll be flanked by drummer, Nick Dooley (Flagland), and bassist, Sam Gehrke (Soul Low), to give your Friday night an auditory kick in the pants.

Also taking the stage is Jack, the solo songwriting project of former Brooklynite-turned-Buffalonian and singer-songwriter, Brittany Costa.  Rounding out the night are Buffalo’s slowcore three-piece, Award Show, and the folksy Andrew Kothen (Dreambeaches). Show at 8pm with a $5 cover.