North American neighbors and garage punk trio Wine Lips will headline Electric Avenue tonight, with a moniker that conjures images of a look I may or may not choose to sport later. The Toronto band is touring in support of their 2019 self-titled album.

Wine Lips is a head-banging tribute to the blues and garage rock of decades past. Their new album Wine Lips (2019) serves soulful surf punk excellence, tying up a pretty package of catchy rhythm guitar, bluesy riffs, groovy bass lines, and gritty vocals. If you need another reason to come down, yesterday was drummer Aurora Evans’ birthday, and it’s my birthday today. It’s a certified Libra party, and a punk one at that.

Also on this rockin’ bill are Woodstock’s The Bobby Lees and Buffalo bands Tony Rocky Horror and Facility Men. Doors for this 21+ show open at 9pm. $7 cover.