I’m going out on a limb and putting my metal credibility on the line here with this next statement. Unearth is the single greatest metalcore band that has ever existed. Follow me on this one.

Devastating breakdowns. Check. Dual guitar attacks that will haunt your thoughts for days. Check. Blistering leads. Oh yea, they’re there. Pantera-Groove. Yup, those too. Metal tunes that STAND OUT that you actually REMEMBER. Well, yea. That perfect mix of hardcore attitude and raw thrash metal breakneck speed. You get the point.

Now, some may hesitate to call Unearth “metalcore” and while that label seems to not be so popular these days, I think that’s a perfect summation of what Unearth does. These guys came from the hardcore scene, but loved metal when that was not so cool. They essentially forged a new sound and style in the late 90’s and did so whilst sounding fresh and innovative. And they’re still at it today with a killer new album in Watchers of Rule.

Whatever you call Unearth, it doesn’t really matter. They’re coming here tonight to destroy ear drums along with other with some great bands like Wovenwar (ex-As I Lay Dying), Extincton A.D., Atlas Falls, Armageddon. Glad the show got moved to the Studio at Waiting Room (6pm, $18 doors). I think it’ll be killer. Get there early and support local bands!