Tonight marks the tour kickoff for the local boys Del Paxton, along with the trio’s good friends, The Cardboard Swords. The Grand Rapids group’s blend of traditional Midwest emo and a more modern singalong style should be a perfect match for the DP guys, and for fans bands like American Football, Into It. Over It, and Empire! Empire! (I was a Lonely Estate). The four piece’s emotionally heavy lyrics about love and heartbreak will be sure to have you feeling some kind of way by the end of the night.

Also on the bill alongside Del Paxton are fresh local acts Unisex and Kimmy.  Doors open at 6pm at the Glitter Box, music will start at 7pm, and you should have $5 on you for the touring band.  This is the last scheduled local date for Del Paxton for now, so come out.