Don’t worry. It’s okay if you’re still emo. That’s right! It’s okay if you wear your heart on your sleeve, if you still want to walk around with a hair-eyepatch, if you instinctively take selfies from an upward angle (you’ve even affected a modern day trend). All of those urges buried deep within are acceptable… At least tonight they are.

buffaBLOG gifts you an excuse to delve into your past/current music loves (i.e. Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Academy Is…, My Chemical Romance, Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, The Hotelier, Modern Baseball, etc) in Taking Back Friday, an admittedly emo get together presented by yours truly at Milkie’s.

Come unabashedly partake in emo feels with fellow emos. Narrating your night will be DJ sets starting at about 10pm from Jessica Railey (Communist Party), Tom and Donnie Burtless (All Blondes Go To Heaven, Buffalo Eats), and Bryan Johnson (Wildebeast Wontabeast). A blast from the past only costs you $5 starting at 9pm. Tell all your friends.