Squeaky Wheel launches its <SOS> series tonight, a 4 part series centered around the sharing and demystifying of techniques by a variety of innovative sound-based media artists. Held at Squeaky Wheel’s new location, the old Market Arcade Theater, the series opens with Brooklyn based project, Meridian 7.

Meridian 7’s project focuses on the use of old telephone switchboards. Inititally, if you wanted to make a phone call you could not make a direct phone call, early callers had to first connect to an operator. Switchboards were originally used by telephone operators to physically connect callers to their intended destination.  This obsolete physical device has been modified into a synthesizer by Meridian7, who will be performing pieces composed with this technology tonight.

Buffalo native Patrick Cain will also be performing tonight. Cain’s audio-visual pieces feature hand painted 16mm, no input feedback loops, tapes, and saxophone, thus rounding out what is sure to be a very interesting evening.

The performance, which begins at 7pm with a cost of $7 (members are free) will also include a demonstration by Meridian 7 of her hand built synthesizers. This will be one of the first performances in Squeaky Wheel’s new space and is not to be missed.