Word on the street is that there is a storm brewing this weekend. Meteorologists are yet unsure if it will be a real SOUL storm, but if you come down to Milkie’s tonight, you are sure to feel the thunder in your soles. By now, Soul Night is a Buffalo institution, a seasonal night of some of the best pop music ever recorded and one of the city’s sweatiest dance floors all organized to benefit the tireless work of Sugar City.

This is fever pitch level stuff folks. Have you ever seen what this music does to people? Have you ever, say, listened to Sam Cooke by yourself? You know its power, you know what it can do. Now imagine it louder, in a bar full of some the city’s hippest kids. Yes, you see why you cannot miss this event right?

The rain forecast tomorrow was ordained by the most high himself earlier this week in order to cool attendees down. So, if you are wondering why you need an umbrella all weekend, thank Sugar City. And, given the inevitable storm, head on down yourself and see some of that lightning.

The wax starts spinning at 10pm with a $5 cover.