Sebadoh is hard to describe. The trio’s career, and subsequent sound, spans over a decade. They are kind of lo-fi, kind of all-American rock and roll, sometimes screamy, and a little experimental. I can only liken listening to their discography to that Dinosaur Jr. cover of “Just Like Heaven:” chaotic. But I am probably projecting; founding member Lou Barlow took a hiatus from Dinosaur Jr. to start Sebadoh in 1989.

The lo-fi Cleveland act, Total Babes, which feature members of Cloud Nothings, open the show. The group sounds like it records in your bedroom, which is a good thing. Total Babes are cool, effortless, and clever.

This should be a sweet start of summer gig. Sebadoh and Total Babes play at Mohawk Place tonight for $15. Doors open at 7pm.