You know your band has to be good when a band as great as Krill writes their best album about how terrible they feel about how good you are. That’s Pile, talented enough to make Jonah Furman feel bad and bastard enough to come to Buffalo while I’m out of town.

So please, enjoy this for me. Check out Dripping to get a taste of where Pile has been. It’s the most fun you’ll have while fighting off the creeping suspicion that your heart has been replaced with dust and spiderwebs.

Then, check out “Special Snowflakes” to get a taste of where Pile is going. It’s more expansive, more ambitious and still gets stuck in your head.

Hot Tip, Del Paxton and Softlines are all playing. Hot Tip and Del Paxton I’ve seen a few times each and can vouch for the fact that they rule. Softlines I only know from their recordings, but those rule, too.

Things kick off tonight at 7 pm at the Ocean Garden Oriental Foods building at 1235 Niagara Street. $5 at the door, all ages, enjoy yourselves. Facebook event here.

(and check out John Toohill’s interview with Pile’s Matt Becker from earlier in the week here)