of Montreal is coming back to Buffalo tonight (this time to Babeville’s Asbury Hall), along with their infamous choreographed circus brigade, as a part of their current tour supporting their most recent release, Aureate Gloom.

Okay let’s be honest: you already know about of Montreal. Your friends have told you about the strange costumes and the small army of performers and dancers that will take the stage. You’ve probably even taken a liking to a couple of their songs; you’re just afraid of having to “make the commitment” and listen to a whole of Montreal LP (or all thirteen). I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do this– just go to the show tonight and enjoy the strage combination of a live show, visuals, and performance art.

Yes, sure, I didn’t know most of the songs after my first time seeing the band two years ago. But of Montreal isn’t necessarily a band that you’re going to go see to sing along with, they’re a band that you go watch for the sole purpose of witnessing a fragment of the insanity-turned-art that comes out of the complicated, spontaneous, and ever-changing mind of Kevin Barnes and his backing members.

Barnes has a history of picking great openers for the band’s shows and this time around, he selected Surface to Air Missive, a solo-recording effort by Taylor Ross out of Florida that has turned into a four-piece band off of Stones Throw records.

Tickets are $20, and doors open at 7pm.