Dreamland is the best. In a city with plenty of great rooms to take in live music, the front room (parlour?) at the Franklin St. space has emerged as the front runner, with it’s intimate setting, color absorbing white walls, art on display, and a glorious chandelier presiding over all of it. It’s hosted some fascinating shows since opening, and that continues tonight with Seattle’s Marion Walker, with support from Buffalo’s own Saint Opal, Bobby Swayze, and Milsep featuring In and Out Music Group.

Presented by the D.O.P.E. (Dismantling Oppresive Patterns for Empowerment) Collective, this show will be all about breaking down barriers and bringing peoples together. From the hip-hop beats from Bobby Swayze and Milsep and crew to the dreammy R&B of Saint Opal, and the towering psychedelic rock of Marion Walker, diversity will be key. Meanness, negativity, and your racial or gender baggage, on the other hand, will not be tolerated. Dreamland isn’t the place for that. Cover is $5 (or whatever you can pay) and doors open at 7pm.