Yeah, we know it’s easy to let a perpetual state of lethargy take over post food coma, and yeah, we know it might still be fun to encourage that food coma by seeing how many T-day leftovers you can fit in between two slices of bread, but as the popular DJ-singer duo J.M.Silk first said in ’87,  let the music take control.

Curly’s will be host to a stacked bill tonight, including Kristachuwan, the brain child of former Buffalonian and Cinnamon Aluminum member, Chris Svoboda. Currently on an East Coast tour, Kristachuwan offers hauntingly complex electro music that paints an otherworldly type of atmosphere for listeners. The subtle jazz-infused melodies create a hypnotic yet textured ambience. If you enjoy the unconventional approach of Aphex Twin’s stuff, this is right up your alley.

Also on the bill for tonight are locals  Welks Mice, Toppus Bottomus, Nicky & The Vibrations, and Mal.a.Mute. The show kicks off at 6pm at Curlys — ask a punk for the address. More information can be found here.