To the heavy-initiated Floor need no introduction. They are a legendary metal band incorporating stoner elements with traditional doom and sludge. To their fans, they are much, MUCH more.

Floor have always been trendsetters, among the first to incorporate slowed tempos with churning groove, and always stood apart from the rest of their bearded brethren. Their magnetic releases could only be topped by their live shows, a caucophony of blistering sound and visceral pummel. They’re the band that the newbies would be forced to hear about, as us old-timers not-so-subtlely bragged about “being there” in the 90’s.

Fortunately for those newbies Floor is back, after a bit of a layoff, and have been laying crowds to waste in recent times. I had the chance to see them at Soundlab a few years back and loud isn’t strong enough of a word. Earplugs are advised.

Tonight, we hail all things Floor as the group return for a performance at the Tralf, along with Hot Victory and Darsombra (7pm, $15). If you’re impressed with what you hear, pick up their new album, Oblation, which they’re currently touring behind.