Brooklyn’s three piece outfit Decorum takes a hold of the post-punk revitalization movement and makes it their own. The often jangly, spindly guitars that are found throughout the genre are vacant, as Decorum consists of a dual bass set-up and drums. Taking the various flavors the low end has in post-punk and playing both at the same time creates atmospheric textures while still staying true to the genre. Swirling around, in almost a cyclical nature Decorum incorporates a dark, moody sound that’s strung out and made thin, wisp like, on top of which are early shoegaze, breath-like vocals.

Supporting Decorum  at Dreamland will be locals, Orations, who are just coming off their stellar post-punk LP, Wych Elm, along with Slow Mutants who always seem to bring a ton of energy to their shows, and post-punk trio, The Patterns. This is a post-punk night not to miss. Show at 7pm. $6 to get in.