Planning a festival is not easy. Having just spent the last 6 months stressing over our first annual Herd Fest, I don’t want to think about the next installment for some time. It was a blast, but a breather is needed. Another area music festival that is quickly approaching, very quickly I am sure for the promoters, is the Buffalo Vaggie Fest, a three showcase festival celebrating everything that is woman in music. With showcases being held at Broadway Joe’s and Sugar City, the festival will host female fronted/centric bands from the Western New York area and beyond.

Planning a festival also isn’t cheap. Pre-sale bracelets, merch, food, tapes, promo flyers, etc. all cost money so tonight at the newly opened, very female present Hot Mama’s Canteen (12 Military Rd.), a benefit dance party will be going down in hopes to help cushion some of the Vaggie Fest costs. Beginning tonight at 10pm, head down to the Black Rock establishment for a night all ladies tunes, spun by all ladies DJs. The cost to enter is $5, all of which will go towards the funding of the festival. Further info on tonight’s event can be found here.