Boston’s beachy indie rock 5-piece Tipling Rock serves up a hefty dose of summery vibes in their latest single “A Side / B Side.” Featuring twangy guitar lines, crooned vocals, and a steady drum beat, this track is as laid back as they come, but maintains a polished sound. While exploring classic sun-soaked imagery, the song’s lyrics simultaneously delve into a taste of summertime sadness even Lana herself would envy. Frontman Ben Andre coos “Well I guess I’m just a b side to you / I know that that don’t mean much to you,” as a sleepy lament coated in SPF 15. It’s downright infectious, and will quickly have you wishing for your day in the sun. Tipling Rock have staked their claim on the hearts of Spotify playlisters, and for good reason. Join the wave and find more of the band’s music on a streaming service near you.