Buffalo indie rock veterans Roger Bryan and the Orphans are back with a sparkly new EP of material ideally timed for wrapping up the summer season, looking ahead to fall, and giving it all a fuzzy folk rock kiss. 9er is a tight and thoroughly refreshing burst of Midwestern/Rust Belt sonic and emotional earnestness that recalls the stomping, charged up vintage 90’s Wilco sound I’ve frankly kind of been missing these last few years.

“Man Of Time” is a series of musical sweet spots hit: plaintive vocals and guitar strumming give way to bittersweet harmonies and potent yet understated riffs that verge on anthemic. Wistful and beguiling, “Nowhere Else” is a psychedelic country rock gem that keeps lifting itself higher with it’s casually intricate vocal harmonies and modestly triumphant guitar rock heroism, while lead single “Whylife” is all searching Gen X angst and soaring guitars before crashing you back to earth.

9er is a slyly majestic alt alt rock with just a hint of stadium grandeur, and the definition of “all right” at a time when that sentiment might feel more needed than ever.