It’s mid-February, and winter should be in full force here in Buffalo… Instead we’ve been subjected to wild temperature changes and bizarre precipitation – topical, especially in the case of Buffalonian quartet Post Prom. Their debut EP, Changing Weather, came out earlier this month, and whether it was intentional or not, CW certainly lives up to its name. Last summer, the band was hard at work writing; they recorded the EP in the autumn and finally released it in the winter… All in all, these songs document the evolution of a new band across the changing seasons, and now, it’s our Album of the Week.

Without wasting any time, Post Prom launch right into their upbeat title-track, EP opener “Changing Weather.” Fans of the Starting Line or Fall Out Boy, early aughts-style, will find themselves right at home. Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for fast tempos and energetic guitar-driven songs (set off by lead guitarist Charlie Rumfola’s snappy, nimble riffing), and that’s precisely what Post Prom excels at. This holds true across the whole EP, whether its on the early-Taking-Back-Sunday vibe of “The Summer We Were Friends” or the heart-on-his-sleeve confessional of “Anymore.”

Lead singer Aiden Licker’s lyrics are soaked in self-reflection, and are bolstered by smartly-crafted harmonies from the rest of the band. One particular EP highlight, vocally and otherwise, comes from lead single “Cyclical” (you might recognize this song – it already got the music video treatment). Its waltzy, 3/4 time signature makes it an album standout, but it is also Post Prom at their lightest, dynamic-wise – one of the few spots on the EP where the band utilizes clean guitars. Punk isn’t always the most nuanced genre, but a song like “Cyclical” helps to showcase Post Prom’s range and versatility

In “Changing Weather,” Licker sings, “I change my mind like the city changes weather.” I for one hope the fickle weather changes for the better sometime very soon. Until then, we suggest you give their new EP a listen (or three). Changing Weather is available now via Bandcamp.