East-London’s Polychrome dive headfirst into the synth-dominated cinematic pop scene with their debut single, “Final Kiss.” Blending the picturesque production stylings of M83 with the tender vocal delivery of Rostam, the newly formed partnership stretches its legs, providing a fresh take on an increasingly saturated side of the genre. Coming together in the wake of former projects’ success is never easy, but both Oliver (of The Bronze Medallists,) and Victoria (of Victoria and Jacob) seem to pool their past triumphs and expertise to create a truly moving and dynamic listening experience. The two have no trouble finding the sweet spot between bubbly electropop and spacey dreampop, setting the tone of the track as delicate and electrifying all at once. Only time will tell what mood they conjure up next, and luckily the wait shouldn’t be too long with a debut album on the horizon. Until then, get a taste of what Polychrome has to offer with “Final Kiss” below.