The announcement last summer that underground rap titan MF DOOM would be collaborating with then 16-year-old rapper Bishop Nehru sparked a lot of questions. Who is Bishop Nehru? And why him? Why would a rapper with such a legendary discography choose to make an album with an unproven kid? To what extent are they working together? So we anxiously awaited nearly a year for something to come out of it.

This week, we got a a new song/video in”Darkness (HBU)” that raises even more questions than before. Bishop Nehru provides some good flows and thoughtful lyrics, but now all the questions surround DOOM. Is he going to rap on any of these songs? The song is good, but the beat is recycled from one of DOOM’s Special Herbs instrumental projects. Will there be new DOOM production? Is DOOM going to appear in any upcoming music videos? Will this thing actually drop in August? Hopefully this “collaborative album” doesn’t end up just being Nehru rapping over old beats. Check out the video for the first single, “Darkness (HBU)” here.