Buffalo indie garage rockers Johnny & The Man Kids are back with You Made Me Hurt, a brand new EP of downtown rock jams that will pleasingly transport you back to the pre financial meltdown glory days of the early to mid aughts. Yes, to hell with Generation X (we had it coming) and any notion of an overdue 90’s revival that we probably don’t really need, the Marciniak boys and crew have tightened up and expanded their rambunctious garage rock sound  to embrace a decidedly NYC vibe set forth by beloved bands like The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, and it works.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Johnny Marciniak really goes for it, switching up that Rust Belt  post grunge wail and shred for something a little more urbane and jangly but no less rusted out overall. All over these five melodic and anthemic yet gritty jams the guy almost sounds like clean cut evangelist preacher man trying to somehow lure the listener into some low grade, delinquent type sinful shenanigans and fulfilling one of the most basic subtextual and subversive requirements of quality rock. It’s supposed to be trouble, riffs, and maybe the possibility of salvation… without any of that old time religion.

Throw in some sharp riffs to offset the new jangle, a swinging rhythm section that keeps the body and You Made Me Hurt moving at a brisk pace, and some shiny, crystal clean production  and you’ve got something real nice for the soul and ears now that spring is finally here.