The new tune “Lost” from the Idaho-based recording artist assuming the pseudonym Hear the Taste is a mesmerizing and memorable stab at experimentation.

Recorded in the artist’s practice space at the Boise Bomb Shelter from the middle portion of 2017 and this newly welcomed year, “Lost” opens with a thumping rhythm joined with a heavenly aura of instruments. Then, in come layered fresh and passionate vocals hurdling over perfectly jittery piano. 

Midway through, on the final utterance of the chorus, we get a climactic rise in the song before the instruments take it from there. A barrage of quickened percussion leads into a somewhat murky melody guided by piano and analog synth. 

The track fades off with a more upbeat and funky batch of classic rock guitar riffage.

Check out Hear the Taste’s “Lost” down below.