Fredonia’s own fuzz-punk trio Karrot Kake just released their new single, “Autopilot,” via Nonexistant Records.

Karrot Kake was founded when members Jon Fridmann and Kaleh Mendez-deMello were only in 5th grade. After adding Jon’s brother, Mike, Fridmann, their lineup was set, and the trio has been steadily turning out records ever since.

The new single “Autopilot” features its’ fair share of swinging acoustic-guitar work, starts off with just that. Before you know it, drums and electric guitar enter, as does Mendez-deMello’s vocals, which are akin to Wayne Coyne or Jello Biafra. The simple arrangement is sure to sucker you in with an airy and approachable verse, before the band kicks it into high gear and into full-fledged folk- punk mode, where you can tell the band likes to live. The remainder of the track is full of energy, as a fury of edgy near-screaming vocals and frantic drum work keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Zinc Finger”, the bands sixth full-length effort, will be out April 5th , 2019 via Nonexistant Records. Until then, you can check out “Autopilot” on Karrot Kake’s bandcamp below.

Written by Mike Rakiecki