The entrancing new pop single “Obsessions” has just been released by songwriter and producer Ida Johansson AKA Flora Summers. “Obsessions” is the first single from Flora Summers’ upcoming debut EP and will be Ida’s first foray into solo work after finding successes with pop duo Isle of You and contributing to the Grammy winning band Ghost’s latest album. Listen as the sun-soaked pop phrases swirl together with evaporating guitar lines that shimmer in the heat of obsessive love that burns hot and consumes you. Infectious rhythms from the bass and drum creates the head bopping root that Flora’s pop sonics flower from. Flora’s peerless vocals take center stage with evocative imagery and luscious delivery that will give you chills as you join her in finding your latest obsession. Here is Ida talking about the song’s creation:
“Obsessions is the kind of song that fell from the sky. All of a sudden I had summed up myself and my tendency to go way too hard into situations in three minutes. I fall head over heels in love, I listen to songs that I love until I can’t stand them anymore and I get completely absorbed by characters in books and movies. It’s always all or nothing for me.”
Listen to the new track from Flora Summers, “Obsessions” on Spotify, and find more about her and the upcoming EP on her website.