Australian-based indie rock outfit Fan Girl brings us their latest track “American Cowboy Song,” and it’s a rollicking banger, to be sure. Coming in just over 2:30, it’s a perfect sandwich of blistering guitar glued betwixt (comparatively) a subdued intro and a boisterous outro. The drums, lead guitar, and synth form the crux of the aforementioned “blistering” portion of the song, giving me pleasant reminders of bands like Tired Lion, or, Jet and The Hives at their rawkiest. Speaking to the track, the band had this to say:

“The song started as a silly, glitchy beat that we saw something in, and decided to flesh out and overcomplicate. In true Fan Girl spirit, we turned it into something more colourful, obnoxious and cheeky.”

You can find “American Cowboy Song” on Spotify along with the equally catchy “MCF” – although a complete changeup from the zany controlled chaos of the former. If Spotify isn’t your thing or your want to see the accompanying music video, check it out below!