Math rock band False Pockets has emerged onto the Rochester music scene with its debut, self-titled EP. False Pockets is a creative effort with a layered sound that blends math rock, post-rock, indie, and a dash of prog. The time signatures on the EP are varied enough to satisfy the mathiest of math enthusiasts, but the approach is gentle; even the uninitiated can enjoy every track, each having an interesting yet digestible structure.

With charming titles resembling inside jokes and a sparing use of vocals, the EP relies on its instrumentation to tell a story. Each element is crucial, and each member of the band is indispensable to the overall sound. The reverberating guitars are somehow crunchy, clean, and ethereal all at once, the bass is both fuzzy and powerful, and the attacking drums seamlessly guide the songs throughout their varying times and tempos. When the vocals do come, they’re multi-layered, carefully placed, and very welcome. False Pockets is more than just the sum of its parts on this EP, though – the overall sound is cohesive, well-crafted, and full.

In a genre notorious for its long, unwieldy songs, False Pockets shines in concision. The EP consists of six songs, most under the four-minute mark, making for a collection of compositions that draw the listener in, get the point across, and bail before letting us even think about losing interest. Catchy but never boring, it’s a masterclass in how to be both experimental and accessible. With impeccable production on top of everything else, False Pockets is one impressive debut.

False Pockets is available for stream wherever you get your music. Listen below.