Don Scuzz has a penchant for aggressive rhymes to compliment his gruff vocal delivery. This remains the case for the Buffalo rapper on the track “Already,” which comes with a new video this week. Scuzz holds nothing back as he kicks off the song its rapid chorus rapping “I ain’t even made it and they wanna do me dirty already, I ain’t gotta say it,if you in the city then I’m just guessing that you heard me already.” The Hooligan Records rapper couples his confident statements with some pretty provoking lyrical content, particularly when Scuzz relays “I’ve just seen my little brother going off the deep end and I don’t know if I’m the solution to the problem or the reason.”

Scuzz interchanges his impressive verses with two from the 17-year-old Tech’o, who has some pretty great bars of his own. Standout line “I remember running ’round playing ‘Duck, Duck, Goose,’ now I ride around playing ‘Duck, Duck, Shoot'” is equal parts funny and troublesome, but a great line nonetheless The beat is drum-centric, allowing the rappers to be the center of attention. Check out the dope vid below .