Day Video is a solo project from David Yeend of Atlanta, Georgia and “Needles and Pins” is his latest track off of his extended play the Day Video EP. A soulful indie rock song with an infectious guitar lick, the lyrics a play awkward part of a relationship when you fuck up and are stuck walking on… wait for it… pins and needles (or needles and pins). Formed during the worst parts of the pandemic for many and finally seeing a proper release, this project is Yeend’s way of telling his own stories separate from his other project, the equally impressive (non-solo) Hearts on Speed. Mainly showcasing Yeend’s vocals, “Needles and Pins” keeps it simple with a steady backing drum beat and a warm guitar tone with an occasional background solo guitar.

Fans of Pinback, Buck Meek’s less folksy tracks, or boygenius’ pop sensibilities would find a lot to enjoy here, with “Needles and Pins” being a great starting point and then playing through the rest of the EP from the top.
You can hear it over on Spotify or Soundcloud, as your preferences dictate.