Buffalo natives Coral Collapse have released their second album entitled Don’t Wait to See Me Say Goodbye. The effort showcases the bands ability to combine spaced-out guitars, clever and crafty drum-work as well as haunting-yet-mellow reverb-laden vocals to create an indie pop work of art that can sit comfortably next to Beach Fossils or Wild Nothing. There is a strong since of cohesiveness that unites these ten songs.

The album opens up with “Nocturnal,” as it should. The beach/surf rock tune immediately catches your ear and buries itself into your brain with the jangly guitar riff and ensuing hi-hat beat that follows. The vocal rhythm and melody is the perfect counterbalance to the otherwise busy instrumentation in the track.

The album flows seamlessly through “Atlantic”, “Never Go” and “ After Hours”. One of the highlights on Don’t Wait to See Me Say Goodbye come from the tracks “Mono”, where the band picks up the pace and explodes into a massive, larger than life chorus. Lastly, the record draws to a close with “Elevator,” a 6:32 ballad that really summarizes the record and could be the most representative track on the whole record.

Don’t Wait to See Me Say Goodbye is out now, check it out below.

Written by Mike Rakiecki