Sacramento’s Caregiver (aka Lindsey Bitson) vents about the tough stuff – heartache, substance abuse, and self-discovery – on her latest offering, “Reason.” Her one-of-a-kind vocal delivery coupled with the urgent but not-yet-bubbling-over indie rock instrumentals help to give this one a dark, but relatable feel. About the song, Bitson says:

“I sabotaged a relationship to avoid being hurt. Such an ironic characteristic, self-sabotage. It creates the exact thing I fear. When we reconnected, it was as if he could see right through me. There was nothing left for us. If I hadn’t been so distant and destructive, maybe things could have worked out differently. We swung outside on hammocks on opposing sides of his porch and it felt like goodbye. That week I wrote ‘Reason.'”

You can find “Reason” on Spotify – it’s out now via Park The Van.