Calicoco is the moniker of the new project fronted by Rochester musician Giana Caliolo. “Night Owl,” Calicoco’s debut single, dives headfirst into the stresses of lifestyle changes. The outfit’s upcoming Needy EP serves as the culmination of the past four years for Caliolo with the ending of the band Buckets, and the balancing of projects Pony Hand and Secret Pizza.

“Night Owl” goes into the changes that Caliolo went through in her life and the anxieties that came with the choices that she made to change herself for the better. The catchy guitar riff loops as the drums set a solid punch to back up the song and pair well with Caliolo’s gentle voice. Needy is set for release via Dadstache Records on June 9th. In the meantime check out “Night Owl” below.