The truth is, Bottler got started before they put together electronic symphonies out of Brooklyn… Bottler really got started with Legos and lightsabers, and you can certainly hear it in their music, which brings whimsical soundwaves to life. I’d be lying if I said their latest single “You’re Old” didn’t make me spin around in my swivel chair three or four times while typing this. However, don’t let the deep concept of “You’re Old” fly over your head, the lyrics of the hook sing “You’re old, you’re gonna die” in the back of a bubbly electro-disco track to make you feel as if you’re dancing in purgatory. Perhaps it’s only right that such a dark message would be relayed by Bottler in some way you could vibe out to.

Check out the video for “You’re Old” below – you can also find it on Spotify and Apple Music.