If you’re trying to fill a homespun bedroom pop void in the vein of Frankie Cosmos or (SANDY) Alex G, look no further than the cleverly tongue-in-cheek songs of Blaketheman1000. The Nashville-based singer/songwriter recently released an EP with highlight track “Vegan” taking the animal product-free cake. The song playfully mulls over miscommunication and youthful eagerness by way of glimmering synth tracks, mellow guitar lines, and some good-natured beatboxing. The vocal interplay, featuring Katy Kirby, is arguably the track’s winsome focal point, honing in on happy-go-lucky novelty a la Michael Cera and Ellen Page singing The Moldy Peaches’ “Anyone Else But You” at the end of Juno. For more endearing veritableness check out Blaketheman1000’s Tokyo EP.