Canadian Alt-Pop duo Bestfriend released their first single, “LEMON LIME,” (see our feature on it here) this past December, from their upcoming EP places I’ve left. We now get another taste of the upcoming release with “Anxious People,” a dreamy pop song that feels like a contemporary representation of our collective strained psyches. Danceable and distraught is the potent combination forming from poppy guitar strums mixing with swirling synths and fun drum machines while Stacy Kim’s vocals softly pour over the top of the softly constructed dream pop world. The fuzzy pop sounds will lift you up while lyrics that highlight the solitary and repetitive natures of modern life and the unease it creates in all of us will give the listener a cathartic release as you bob your head and sway your hips calling out “It all feels the same.”

Here is Bestfriend talking about their new track:

Anxious People (named after Stacy’s favorite novel by Fredrik Backman) is about all of the people that you walk past on the sidewalk, people who are on the same bus as you, that one guy you worked with during your very first retail job. It’s about how each of these people have lived an entire life completely outside your own; the understanding that you have no idea what any particular person has been through, and likely never will. This song started as a slower demo, but we wanted to make it into more of a frenzied song to work in tandem with its themes.

Find the single on all major platforms linked here. Find Bestfriend’s socials and other music linked here.