Beechwood may seem like just another New York City band of misfits making drowsy psych rock, but the reality falls far from it. The trio’s track “Heroin Honey” seems to piece together the best of rock throughout the ages, tying in temperate group harmonies, arcing melodies, meddling guitar lines, and concrete percussion to drive it all home. There’s a definite 60’s rock flair to the track, amidst a bit of garage-punk groundedness, sunny pop structure, and dreamy psychedelia. The effect is like sunshine in the midst of a bomb cyclone-ridden winter: euphoric and hard to get enough of. Beechwood heads into the new year strong with the release of their upcoming album, Songs From the Land of Nod, set for January 26th. If you’re looking to feed into some height-of-rock nostalgia, this a band to keep on your radar.