Our Batavian buddy Anthony Del Plato surprised us with a new two-song, EP last week, which he has affectionately self-titled. The first track, “Call and Answer,” is a wonderful addition to Del Plato’s canon. The song pairs autumn imagery with winter laments and is bolstered by spiraling guitars and Del Plato’s signature layered harmonies. “Numbers” is an ethereal take on a previously released song, reminiscent of Del Plato’s recent foray into electronica with new project, Tape Drive.

As if that weren’t enough, Del Plato is on a roll having recently reunited with his Strings & Chords collaborator Bradley Kujawski for a one-off song under the moniker Junction Hill. Their new song, “Suburban Lawn Envy Blues,” is an upbeat number, despite the rainy weather being sung about. The grass is always greener, right guys?