The wait for Sleepy Hahas’ forthcoming full length, From the Bottom of a Warm Lake, has been a long one, but at the very least we can get by on the handful of singles that have been dropped in the past year. The band took to 1809 Studios this past fall to lay down a live rendition of “En Passant,” a track that’s anticipated to be on the new album. It’s a psych-rock ballad of sorts, complete with lead vocalist Pat Butler’s expressive croon and mesmerizing instrumentals from all fronts.

The just-under-10-minute jam is telling, in that with the impressive spread of gear, the precision of every note uttered and how enveloped each member seems in their own playing, it shows that the group really cares about their delivery. Here’s to eagerly awaiting the full collection of recorded jams!

Check the video out below.

Photo by Jackson Zimmerman Photography