“Never Mind” (not to be confused with a slightly more well known Nevermind) is the newest (and first) released single of mysterious band Zoot Fitzgerald. Fronted by James Goldberg, “Never Mind” is chock full of power chords – harkening back to the 90’s pop and grunge era bands (specifically My Bloody Valentine or even Harvey Danger). Goldberg’s dulcet lyrics sing to us about a one-sided sounding breakup: “There’s no need to feel sorry/ I just hope that you’re happy.”

It’s ostensibly a song of acceptance (or perhaps the moment before denial sets in) and does a nice job of balancing out the impressive blistering guitar solos with a jangly acoustic, chunky fuzz, and a super digestible chord progression. You can hear “Never Mind” over on Spotify, Apple Music, or the embed below. Be sure to look out for tracks in the coming year and an album a little further out – we’ll be letting you know more about this up and coming act.