Yung Lean videos come in two categories: Entertainingly low-quality (see my favorite vid ever, “Hurt“) or surprisingly high-quality (“Kyoto“). “Yoshi City” falls in the latter category, and that means we get to see the awesome things Lean got to waste his budget on. For “Kyoto,” it seemed all the money went to some outrageous alien special effects. On “Yoshi City,” the money goes into a pimped-out SmartCar, complete with the scissor doors that have become a staple of the elite. The video also features some melancholy scenes of Lean-Doer walking wretchedly through caves and parking garages and what looks like it could be an Egyptian Tomb. Over some fluttering synths from consistently dope SadBoys producer Yung Gud, Lean boasts some of his most emotional lines to date.

Watch it here: