With the drop of the first track on their upcoming tape, we get a peek into the mind of Yellow House, and man, is it a great sample.  The way the band blends shoegaze and punk leads to something totally unique within the Buffalo music scene, and is simply put, rockin’.

The two standout elements of “Human Error” are the vocals and the drums, with a driving, layered, yelled and softly sung vocal melody pairing up perfectly with blasting drums, unrelenting from start to finish.  Things get even more interesting when you check out the lyrics for the track, surpassing the very surface level type lyrics I have come to expect from local bands, these are seriously interesting and require thought to begin to understand.

Without a doubt, you need to check out Yellow House.  This is one of my favorite tracks dropped in Buffalo this year without question, and I can’t wait to hear the whole tape.  The next time you can catch Yellow House will be at their tape release show at Dreamland on 11/16, with Sonny Baker, Hypoluxo, and the Slums.