New Zealand/Australian hybrid act Woodlock caught our ears with the mid-tempo groove of their latest single, “Bermuda Sea.” A plodding bassline and chuggy guitar chords provide the backbone for longing keyboard textures and passionate vocals about feeling not-quite-good-enough. Artists will surely relate to the lyrics here – Woodlock touch on the feelings of inadequacy on what it’s like to be “just another band” in a sea of great music… But chin up guys, you made it onto buffaBLOG! A little bit more bout the song from Woodlock themselves:

“It’s about feeling lost amongst your peers after listening to so much great music and struggling with the idea that we couldn’t measure up or stand out, it’s about being intimidated by the process of creation and the place we hold within the wider musical narrative. But the chorus is where we find our focus and says, “I refuse to give up and drown in it all.” It was a strange headspace but one that allowed us to understand we always have something to offer if we just give ourselves the chance.” 

You can also find “Bermuda Sea” on Apple Music and Spotify.