“I’m always on the fence about love / How am I supposed to get some / When I’m always close to my heart / Tell me something I wanna know / Don’t make me give you my all / I’ll fuck it up just show,” Wild Things’ vocalist Ben Cain sings at the outset of new single “Don’t Wanna Feel It,” overtop a driving bass beat, though the best of the track is still to come.

It doesn’t take too long for the song’s massive hook to take over, leaving the listener awash in dance floor-ready synths, squeaky clean guitar tones, soaring vocals and plenty of ‘nah nah, nah nah’ call-and-response bliss. “It’s getting harder and harder to fight the fear and the desire,” Cain waxes later on, before the song’s big hook takes hold once again.

“Don’t Wanna Feel It” is a fun-as-hell pop banger, but rest assured, once this earworm works its way into your head, it’s gonna take a while to get it out, so you might as well go ahead and press play again.  The track was just released and is available on all digital platforms for consumption.

Written by Brian Campbell