Indie pop duo Water from Your Eyes have become masters of the long distance relationship with producer Nate Amos in Chicago and vocalist Rachel Brown in New York, but still manage to crank out catchy tunes together from miles away. Their latest endeavor, “Cold Stare” is a synth-driven track with bright intensity and smooth vocals. Garnering inspiration on a spectrum from Fleetwood Mac to early Sonic Youth, Water from Your Eyes sits somewhere on the line between pop and punk. This translates into their sunny melodic synth lines and laid-back, lo-fi vocals. “Cold Stare” itself centers on the conflict between wanting to belong and feeling isolated, artfully summed up in the line “You say I’m unpredictable but you don’t trust me to be / I say I’m anything that makes me seem more like what you are.” The track is a single off the duo’s upcoming album Long Days No Dreams, to be released April 14th on Sooper Records.