“There’s really no point to any of this, so please enjoy.” Wise words from recent Rochester native Virtual Perfection Cowboy – they caught our ears with the unique synthwave textures found on their latest single, “Stoned Ape.” Reminiscent of a late 90s video game soundtrack, “Ape” is both soothing and invigorating; it’s full of futuristic synth swoops; ethereal swells; and a neurotic drum beat. With its unique influences, it’s best to hear from VPC themselves – here’s a little bit about the song in their words:

“A liquid drum n bass track inspired by the soundtrack of Ape Escape by Soichi Terada and Terrence McKenna’s Stoned Ape Theory. The soft, ethereal sounds and cute animated music video will make you nostalgic for the old PS1 games of the 90’s, while also bringing you into the modern day of psychedelic experimentation. We are an ape with a symbiotic relationship to a mushroom!”

You can also find “Stoned Ape” on Spotify.