Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and harpist Unknown Venus is an emerging artist that just started releasing their music to the masses. Her latest cut to make waves is the brooding and acidic single “The Worst” that boils over with rage filled bile brought out from a relationship that turns from bond to exploitation. Venus sings with a dispassionate tone that wilts its target with a acerbic, barren, frigid inflection that perfectly encapsulates the songs message by tone alone. She etches the songs chorus with a corrosive tongue “You want the best for me, I guess I want the worst for you.”  Venus crafts a melting world with guitar lines that disperse and cascade down with diffuse tones while a muted kick drum hammers like a heart pounding with hate after your psyche has fully realized how little someone close to you values you. Fans of EMA, Mitski, and Angel Olsen will find a lot to love on this single. Here is Unknown Venus speaking on “The Worst”:

The Worst is a song of pure contempt and quiet rage. It channels every feeling of injustice, vindictiveness, and ill-will possible after a messy break-up. It’s not necessarily centered only on romantic splits; the level of vitriol in this song can bubble up after any relationship in which you’re giving more than you’re getting in return. Sometimes it’s your partner, sometimes it’s your roommate, sometimes it’s your parent. It’s about the sting of getting screwed over, realizing you were taken advantage of, and craving an apology. Instead, you’re met with a patronizing, “I just want the best for you.”

Listen to “The Worst” now on Spotify and Youtube. Check out more from Unknown Venus on their TikTok.