Buffalo alt-rap trio, SPACEBOUND is back with a new single titled “Racin,” a collaboration between two of the members Turnup and GRXZZ.

The song features a bustling, noisy instrumental influenced by both old-school Memphis rap and modern southern hip hop. A spiny phonk-inspired cowbell melody gives the hard-hitting song a dark edge.

On SPACEBOUND’s louder songs like this one, Turnup often plays the slugger role out of the group taking their tracks to the next level with his hyperaggressive delivery. He draws first blood on “Racin,” yelling his brains out in the tense and repetitive chorus.

His following verse introduces the song’s topic, as “Racin” is a risktaker’s ode to living fast or dying young:

Jump outta the whip
Got the bag on me I ain’t bring no bread
If he gotta clip he aint getting all I got
Gotta use your head
Walking up to the house I was thinking like dame some sh*t up
So I turned back hop in the whip b*tch you can’t set me up

After another grating punk rap chorus from Turnup, GRXZZ is next up. He comes in yelling just as heavily for the first few bars, before speeding things up in the next section with a machine-gun barrage of syllables delivered with a sneer. Flashy adlibs, creative production choices and vehicle sound effects make the song all the more fun to listen to. Despite all the aggression and darkness in this track, it remains accessible with a catchy structure and relatable wave of anger.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming music video for this song directed by Erin Gaddi. The action movie-like storyline coincides with the lyrics as the video follows a drag race turned high-speed chase scene where things get messy quickly.

You can get to know the story SPACEBOUND is telling by listening carefully to the song’s lyrics. Stream “Racin” on Spotify or Apple Music.