The hottest ‘TRSH‘ of the midwest is back with their latest single, “FIRE DEPARETMENT.” It’s one minute and 11 seconds of blistering Midwest energy… And TRSH doesn’t make you wait for anything. The vocals kick right in with a poignant lyric about burning down your parents’ house (and we’d like to add that the intentional misspelling of “department” somehow adds to the brattiness of that sentiment). Complete with mathy guitars and heart-on-your-sleeve vocals delivered at a breakneck pace, this is literally everything you could ever need from a Midwest twinkle fest. Fans of Mom Jeans, Free Throw, Hot Mulligan, or Del Paxton are about to discover a brand new gem.

You can find “FIRE DEPARETMENT” on Spotify and lots more goodies over on their Linktree. Before that, be sure to check out the YouTube embed below.